Hand Block Printed Cushion Covers Manufacturer in Jaipur India

Are you looking for the best quality cotton fabric cushion covers?

Jaipur Wholesaler is India's leading manufacturer of famous hand block printed cushion covers. We have highly experienced team of manufacturing luxury printed cotton cushion covers. If you want to buy the soft cotton fabric cotton cushion covers sets and Bed Covers along with Hand Block Print Quilts, Bedsheets. Then contact us for bulk order.

Who else does not want his or her home to look appealing? Creating welcoming vibes through appealing cushion covers is indeed the easiest way to meet your purposes. If you are looking for the best collection of cushion covers, then look no further. Jaipur Wholesaler is the leading cushion cover manufacturer in India that specializes in manufacturing the most exquisite hand block print cushion covers. We ensure you get appealing cushion covers without compromising on the quality of the fabric, print, and design. We always pick the top-quality fabric to manufacture the cushion covers. Whether you want sanganeri cushion covers or multi color hand block print cushion covers, we have it all for you in place.

Why Choose Jaipur Wholesaler for Cushion Cover Set?

Jaipur Wholesaler stands tall when it comes to offering you the best cushion covers that align with your needs and add style to your home interior. We don’t just sell the best cushion covers but we are also leading the industry as a trusted cushion cover wholesaler in India. Not just that, we also have many reasons why you should choose Jaipur Wholesaler:

  • Superior Quality
  • Diverse Choices
  • Affordable Prices
  • Handsome Deals
  • Bulk & Wholesale Offers

Apart from them, we have many more reasons to encourage you to buy cushion covers from us. Moreover, you can always reach out to us to get the best offers on bulk purchases.

Features of the Cushion Covers

These cushion covers are designed to add a pinch of elegance to the overall look of your house. We believe you must include them in your home décor ideas that instantly uplift the appeal and create a welcoming ambiance that enhances everyone’s mood. With exquisite cushion cover designs, we deliver quality and value to our customers.
If you are looking to invest in these cushion covers, you will be impressed with the following features:

  • 100% guarantee of color and fabric
  • Perfect fit
  • Fine stitching
  • Shrink resistance
  • Different color options
  • Appealing designs

Care of Block Print Cushion Covers:

At Jaipur Wholesaler, you will get the amazing benefits of purchasing these cotton cushion covers. With the above-listed features, you can get your hands on any cushion cover set of your choice without worrying about the quality and fabric. Here we are giving you some useful tips that help you keep the look of these cushion covers retained:

  • Wash with mild detergent.
  • Prefer hand washing.
  • Avoid dry cleaning and bleach
  • Dry in shade
  • Avoid direct ironing on the prints
  • Wash them separately
  • Avid washing frequently

With these care tips, you can ensure your cushion covers remain as they as new. By following these tips, you ensure your decision to buy these cushion covers from us is a wise decision. You can order these cushion covers online at any time and get the best products delivered to your doorstep.


What type of fabric you use for making Cushion Cover ?

We generally use cotton fabric to make cushion covers that ensures comfort and style. The cotton fabric also promises appealing look as well. And this is what makes it a prominent choice for us.

Is Jaipur Wholesaler making the Cushion Cover as Per Trending Designs?

Yes, we always keep the trends in mind while making the cushion covers. We understand that trends and fashion are equally important. This is why we do our best to bring you the best cushion covers as per the trending design.

What type of print pattern your use for Cushion Cover?

We specialize in block printing and we use it for cushion covers that add a pinch of elegance to their overall appeal.  You can check our collection of block print cushion covers.

Do you also ship bulk packaging safely?

Yes, we do! For us, providing our customers with the best is the topmost priority. We ship your bulk packaging safely anywhere. You can connect with us for more details about how we do it.

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