8 Things You Don't Know About Bed Sheets [Important For New Buyers]

You must know how essential a good night's sleep can be. No matter how much coffee you drink, when you have an unpleasant night, it is obvious that you will feel tired and can't focus on any work.

But when you have a perfect night's sleep, you simultaneously enjoy your day and are productive and happy. Did you know that your bed sheet can be the primary factor behind your successful sleep?

Things to keep in mind while purchasing bedsheets from the Bedsheet Manufacturers

In this article, you will find a few things you don't know about bed sheets that can assist you in making a better decision while choosing them. If you are planning to purchase bed sheets from a bed sheet manufacturer in India, you need to know a few things.

  • Thread count vs. thread length

You may judge the quality of a bedsheet by taking it into your hands, but the thread count mainly determines the quality. Thread count is the number of horizontal and vertical threads in one square inch of the Jaipuri printed bed sheets. Always remember that the thread count is contemplated as the barometer that helps regulate the bedsheet's longevity and evenness.

  • Print & pattern matters

Before buying bedsheets from the Bedsheets manufacturer in Jaipur, and you need to know about print & pattern because they differ. It would help if you had a basic understanding of prints before you buy bedsheets online or offline for your home from wholesale bedding manufacturers like Jaipur Wholesaler.

Know the difference between weaves People often prefer sateen or percale weaves. Percale is a grid-like weave that is relatively thin and crisp. On the other hand, sateen is a satin weave that feels silky & smooth with skin.

  • Premium quality cotton

This is quite confusing for new buyers because when they visit the Cotton bed sheets manufacturers, they ask for 100% pure cotton bedsheets and finalize the one that they like. But different cotton materials are used for making bedsheets.

However, Egyptian cotton is considered the best quality cotton, and Pima cotton is second. Jaipur Wholesaler, a famous Bed sheet manufacturer in India, offers bed sheets made using top-quality cotton material.

  • Size

You can find bedsheets of different sizes at the renowned Bed Sheets manufacturer in Jaipur. Different sizes of bed sheets are available in the market, like a single, double, queen, and king-size bedsheets. Always measure the size of your bed and then accordingly purchase a bedsheet.

  • Flannel bed sheets are perfect for winter:

Many people are unaware of this bedsheet. Flannels are one of the most luxurious bed sheets that are perfect for cold winter nights.

  • Weight:

You need to consider the weight of the bed sheet because, within one fiber type, there is a considerable variation in terms of thickness, heaviness, and warmth. Depending upon the climate, you should choose the bed sheet weight.

  • Finish:

Apart from fabric, weight, and weave, some bed sheets have a distinct finish that affects their overall look and feel.

So, next time you purchase bed sheets, consider all these 8 points to make the right choice.

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