Complete Guide: Perfect Bed Sheet For Summer

A person spends most of the time her of their life in bed. Thus, the bed is an essential part of one's life; therefore, it should always be comfortable. An uncomfortable bed often leads to sleepless nights. Ever thought about why the bed feels uncomfortable sometimes? I agree that mattresses and pillows play a significant role, but the fact can't be denied that the perfect bed sheet is the one vital factor.

Cotton Bedsheets vs. Polyester BedSheets

The summer season is approaching, and thus, the need for a perfect summer bedsheet is required. But, are you also a person who is planning to buy a bed sheet for the summer season but confuse about which fiber would be the best? If yes, don't worry because here we provide the complete guide that will help you differentiate between cotton and polyester bedsheets.

Cotton Bedsheet

Cotton sheets are created to provide the best comfort while sleeping. The sheets are so smooth that it quickly covers the mattress and give the best sleeping experience. It also proves the best to protect your skin from unwanted bacteria.

  • Fabric-Cotton sheets are built with the help of multiple cotton threads to create a single fabric piece. These sheets are constructed using long fibers that promise the best comfort to the users. Jaipur's cotton bed sheet manufacturers promise the best fabric material for comfortable sleep.

  • Durability-Cotton bedsheets have a long life if compared to others. The sheets are built with fiber that has the strength to use for years, even if the person uses it daily. 

  • Breathable fabric-Cotton is the most fantastic fabric that promises natural breath. This is why consumers love to use cotton sheets during the summer.

  • Maintenance- The cotton sheet is soft and durable; the best part is that it demands minor care. 

Happy with the features, grab your sheet from the best wholesale bedding manufacturers and give your bed an excellent treatment.

Polyester Bedsheets

The polyester sheet is constructed using artificial fiber. As a result, the sheets can easily be obtained from the market at affordable prices.

  • Fabric- The hand-made fabric is used for the creation of polyester sheets. The material is combined using machinery and a binding machine to create the best fabric.

  • Durability- The durability of polyester sheets is almost the same as cotton sheets. The material used in the fabric provides strength to the sheet.

  • Breathable- Unfortunately, polyester is not claimed to be a breathable material. Thus, it does not allow them to absorb moisture.

  • Maintenance-It does not require high maintenance and can be washed and used easily at home.

This was some basic information about both the polyester and cotton sheet. But, it can't be denied that cotton sheets are best to use for summers due to their easy breathable feature. Thus, #JaipurWholesaler, well-known as the double bedsheet supplier in India, promises their clients amazingly high-quality sheets.

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