Exploring Hand Block Printing: Journey from Tradition to Trend

A hand-block print bedsheet is an ideal way to give your bedroom an air of sophistication and refinement. Printing on cloth with wooden blocks is a time-honoured practice known as "hand block printing." The end product is a piece of fabric with exceptional craftsmanship that is wholly its own. This article delves into the background, production, and retail availability of hand block print quilt.

What is "hand block printing"

It means exactly what it implies, but let's break it down. For centuries, Craftspeople in India have been using hand-carved wooden blocks to print on locally sourced fabrics like cotton and silk blends. Not as easy to put down on paper, but let's divide it into tiny chunks of history: how long has this work been around?

Shockingly, hand-carved printing has outsold domestic methods by over 400 years. This art form has been around for 400 years and shows no signs of dying out. These hand-block printed gifts were loaned to Jaipur by the Chhipa nation, reportedly based out of Bagru town. After that, their practice was enthusiastically adopted in Sanganer, south of Jaipur, and some areas of Jodhpur.

Hand Block Printing: History

The practice of printing with hand-carved blocks goes back more than two thousand years. The Chinese are credited with developing the method of printing on silk. After that, it went to India, eventually becoming a crucial part of the textile industry there. Beautiful fabrics for apparel, house adornment, and ceremonial use were frequently printed by hand block in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

The Process of Making Hand Block Print Bedsheets

Making a set of sanganeri printed bed sheets takes a lot of time and effort. The process begins with the prepared fabric, typically cotton or silk. It is washed and cleaned to remove any dirt or dust that may have gotten into the cloth during production.

Then, a rough sketch of the pattern is made on the wooden block. The pattern is typically recurring, tailored specifically to the block's dimensions. The process of hand-carving each block can take several hours.

The printing begins once the blocks have been carved and the fabric has been flat. To print a pattern onto fabric, the printer first dips the block into the ink and then carefully stamps it into the fabric. This is done for each colour in the pattern, as each building block features a unique hue.

After the printing process, the fabric is hung outside to dry. It is then washed to remove any remaining ink or dirt after it has dried. The result is a stunning, one-of-a-kind, character-filled bedsheet printed using traditional hand-block techniques.

How to Find Quality Hand-Blocked Print Bedsheets

Various internet stores specialize in selling block print Jaipuri quilts. Jaipur Wholesaler is one such shop; it sells Indian textiles made in Jaipur. Double bed sheets, Jaipuri bedsheets, and quilts are just some options from Jaipur Wholesaler's selection of hand-block printed bedding.

You should seek out internet stores that carry handmade textiles if you're in the market for hand-block print bedsheets. This guarantees that the bedsheet you receive is an original hand-block print done traditionally. To ensure the store has a strong reputation for quality and customer service, it is also necessary to read reviews from other consumers.

If you want to purchase a hand-block printed bedsheet directly from the artist, Jaipur is the place to go. Jaipur has a long tradition of hand block printing, and the city is home to numerous skilled artists who practise the art form. If you're looking for genuine hand-block print bedsheets, a trip to the Jaipur markets is the way to go.


Jaipuri printed bedsheets are a work of art and a conversation starter in any bedroom. They have various colours, designs, and styles and are crafted using time-honoured methods passed down through the years. Everyone can find what they seek, from bright and colourful Jaipuri bedsheets to warm, inviting hand-block print quilts. Hand-block print bedsheets are an investment that, with TLC, may last for generations.

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